Frequently asked questions

Before you contact us to ask your question, we advise you to have a look if the answer to your question is already here.

How long does the shipping of the seeds take?

Sending seeds generally takes one day, just like normal mailbox post. Orders from Belgium and great britain will be delivered in two till three days. However, there are also cases where it takes a little longer.

I contact, but I do not get a response. How is that possible?

It happens that our emails end up in your spam box. So have a look at your spam box to see if our message might be there.

How do we pack single (per unit) seeds?

If you have chosen for an brand which sells 1 seed packages, you will receive the seed in the original package. If the breeder does not have 1 seed packages, we pack them manually with clear labels so you could see which seed in inside the package.

Does sell regular seeds?

No, every brand and every cannabis strain in our seed shop is feminised. All the seeds which you could order at our website are feminised.

What is the delivery period of cannabis seeds?

At the moment we receive your payment, we will process your order. Orders which are not paid remain on hold and thus they are canceled automatically. If you want to order a cannabis strain which we do not have in stock, please contact us via the contact form.

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