Order feminised cannabis seeds

Order feminised cannabis seeds
We only supply feminised cannabis seeds. The probability that there will be a masculine seed is excluded. The chance that you buy a feminised cannabis seed is 99%. This percentage is so high because we only supply top brand weed seeds from known suppliers which have won a lot of growth rewards!

How can I see the difference between a masculine and feminised cannabis plant?
Below you will find a clear illustration between the difference between of a masculine and a feminised cannabis plant.

A male and female cannabis plant

As you can see there are clear differences. A feminised cannabis plant is the plant which produces cannabis. The masculine plants produce pollen and when this comes in contact with a feminised plant she will stop producing cannabis and starts to produce seeds. These seeds won’t be feminised.

Masculine and feminised plants - androgynous hermaphrodite
It is possible that your plants show masculine and feminised characteristics. You will see seeds between the flowers. In this case, you must place the hermaphrodite separately or even kill it to prevent further pollination.

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